The Redbubble Tag Tool finds related Tags based on keywords that real customers are searching for from the Redbubble database.

Add up to 50 keywords with a click of button
Add new additional keywords to existing listings just as easily
Discovers relevant short and long tail keywords
Displays the actual tag count on all listings

Add 50 tags to new listings or retro add up to 50 tags to existing listings, 100% safe, no copyrighted or IP infringing keywords guaranteed, extracted from RedBubble’s own database.

Download from the Chrome Store

RedBubble Tag Tool
Tag tool icon greyed out as not on
RedBubble Tag Tool
Tag Tool icon now active
RedBubble Tag Tool
Add new Work or Edit an exiting listing
RedBubble Tag Tool
Enter keyword and click find tags button
RedBubble Tag Tool
Click on individual tags to remove, or click update tags to add to listing